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GameApart is now heyLIME

As you might have seen, we’re changing things up a little here at GameApart and we wanted to officially let you know.

We started GameApart with the idea that we could connect with our friends and family from anywhere. And we had a blast doing this during the pandemic and over the last year. In fact, we’ve had such a blast that we realized we actually made work semi-fun again. And as teams started coming on and using the platform together, we realized we could make work fun and engaging for everyone. We started building out our culture building capability in early 2021 and have been bringing on Teams ever since.

What is heyLIME?

heyLIME is the culture and team building solution you’ve been missing. Are you on a team with people you haven’t worked with or you barely know? We know remote work is both rewarding and challenging. The challenges come in the form of transactional interactions that don’t really help you get to know your co-workers, their interests, what motivates them, and what skills and projects they like working on.

Normal challenges like breaking down communication hierarchy, still exist for all teams whether they are remote or not.

heyLIME helps minimize the effects of Zoom Fatigue and break up the day in a meaningful way. 3-5 minutes of play will help your team reset, refocus, re-engage and connect in a way that they haven’t previously been able to accomplish. We are the ground-level culture building platform. There are no pie-in-the-sky ideals here, just real engaging and connecting.

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Empower Managers and Team Leaders
Managers want rewarding and repeatable experience for the team and tell us it is hard to come up with the engagement activity, host it, and guarantee it will be a success. Rather than focus on all those logistics and concerns, we want managers to be free to focus on what matters. With heyLIME, managers get to be part of the team engagement experience instead of being the drivers of it.


Team-Building for Any Meeting

Plug heyLIME into your regular meetings to help reset and connect at the beginning of your calls. Enhance your training by creating custom trivia warm-ups that you can use throughout the sessions. Reward your team with Team Blenders – curated experiences you team will love – from the comfort of their own home.


Whether you are maintaining or creating the culture of tomorrow at your organization, heyLIME can help make every interaction online, team-building time. And we think this regular connection will lead to deeper interactions and opportunities as you grow together. This means teams are more innovative, cohesive, and collaborative which translates to real value. 


Play Together, Engage, Connect, Relax

Connect your hybrid and remote teams.
heyLIME helps teams work better and stay engaged no matter where they work.

Play together and merge your culture with heyLIME.