Team-Building Platform GameApart rebrands as heyLIME

The new platform expands its customer base to provide engaging virtual opportunities for remote teams to play, connect, and build company culture.


Huntington Beach, CA – Oct. 6, 2022 – heyLIME, formerly GameApart, today launched an industry-defining platform to help remote and hybrid teams team-build, connect to company culture, and stay engaged. Founders James and Justin Simmons created GameApart to connect and engage with their families and friends during COVID-19 lockdowns, and as a consumer-oriented product, GameApart saw rapid growth during the pandemic era to become the preeminent “games over Zoom” platform.

As the company continued its growth, two key areas became increasingly clear: that while friends and family want to stay connected in an increasingly virtual world, remote and hybrid teams desperately need tools and guidance for making this happen; and that the 83 million remote workers in the United States (by the end of 2022) need help recreating the casual social interactions that build friendships, culture, and team loyalty. This is the foundation of the heyLIME brand and platform.

“The heyLIME launch represents our 100% shift in focus towards teams and enabling team connection and collaboration on another level,” said Justin Simmons, CTO and co-founder of heyLIME. “Team engagement doesn’t have to be out of reach, if you connect over Zoom, Teams, Meet, or any other conference tech, heyLIME will nurture a stronger, more connected culture.”

“Remote and hybrid work is here to stay, but no one’s really systematized how to build cohesive remote teams” added James Simmons, CEO and co-founder of heyLIME. “It’s really all about organic, water-cooler style interactions and creating events that are better than some of the in-person happy hours and socials you might have done pre-pandemic. You get a sense of closeness and might find you now have the means to connect and learn more about your co-workers than ever before.”

heyLIME plugs directly into your existing meetings over Zoom or any other collaboration software. Remotely play and engage with each other based on how much time you have to connect, with quick 3-5 minute activities at the start of a meeting (‘Squeezes’) – or longer, dedicated time together (‘Slices’).

‘Team Blenders’ are curated live events, like group mindfulness workshops and happy hours that team members experience together from the comfort of their home. Managers and leaders also receive insights into who, how, and when their team is engaging via the platform, and have the opportunity to work with a Culture Advisor to establish an intentional cadence and strategy. Every team can try out heyLIME with a free seven-day trial.

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About heyLIME: Founded during the COVID-19 lockdown, heyLIME works to build culture and connection in remote and hybrid teams by recreating casual social interactions and encouraging engagement in an intentional, location-independent way. From quick icebreakers that plug in to any online meeting to full-fledged hosted digital parties, in an increasingly remote world, heyLIME is helping leading organizations bring their teams closer together than ever.

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