Conference Tech with heyLIME



heyLIME works with any collaboration software that allows screen sharing; our philosophy is we work with the tools you already have, rather than try forcing you to adopt new ones. The host of your session will share their screen, which will function as the game board or workspace for all team members, so really, that’s the most important feature to look for when you choose a platform for your virtual hangout.

Most likely your team already has its platform of choice, but if you don’t, here are a few popular team collaboration platforms that allow screen sharing.

FYI- The information below was true at the time of writing, but details may change at any time, so be sure to check their websites to see what’s up.

Here are free video conference software to use with heyLIME.


Zoom became one of the most widely-used video conferencing tools during COVID-19, thanks in large part to many people adopting it for personal use to keep in touch with friends and family, as well as capturing a major chunk of the educational market. Now, a “Zoom call” has become a catch-all phrase for video conferencing, and the company’s ongoing investment into its platform and surrounding ecosystem make it one of the market leaders.

How Many People Can Hang: Up to 1000

What else: Your Zoom conference will end after 40 minutes for 3 or more people, which is great if you need an excuse to bail early. Otherwise, there’s a Pro plan for $14.99 a month offering longer meeting times. 


Microsoft is also a major player in team collaboration; Teams is the latest (and, we think, greatest) incarnation of the video, chat, screen sharing, and collaboration tool within the Office365 platform. With it’s one-click-meeting ease, integration with your Outlook schedule, and massive adoption in small and enterprise organizations, Teams is a great option for any… well, team.

How Many People Can Hang: Up to 300

What else: You can invite people who aren’t part of your organization, or who don’t use Teams, by sending them a link to join or meeting invitation. Participants can join via a browser without having to install the software or creating an account.


Google Meet is included with any business Google Workspace account, and in most cases a virtual meeting is automatically created with every calendar invite. While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of competitors like Zoom or Teams, its inherent simplicity (and ubiquity in GMail-based businesses) makes it a great choice for your heyLIME games and activities!

How Many People Can Hang: Up to 100

What else: Google gave Meet to everyone for free during the COVID-19 quarantine, but starting as of October 2020 free accounts can only have a meeting time of an hour. They require all users to have a Google account for security reasons.


Long considered “the” chat app for businesses, Salesforce’s Slack has been getting a lot of updates in the synchronous collaboration world lately. Team Huddles, although technically an audio-first meeting, allow instantaneous video and screensharing within any channel, including channels with external partners, that let you get a heyLIME session up and going in seconds.

How Many People Can Hang: Up to 50

What else: Huddles require a Pro (or higher) Slack subscription; unfortunately the free version doesn’t support them.

Like we said, any video conferencing platform that allows you to share your screen will work to run heyLime with your team. There are also niche tools (like Hopin, Bizzabo, and others for virtual conferences and events) and up-and-coming immersive team collaboration platforms like Miro, Tandem, and others that are quickly growing their user bases, especially among remote and hybrid teams. So there’s no excuse–get your team online with heyLIME today using the tools your organization already has.