Culture made easy

Plans priced per employee. No hidden fees.

Culture made easy

Plans priced per employee. No hidden fees.





Engage your team with unlimited
games and activities.


Engage your team with unlimited games and activities.

Virtual meeting productivity tools.

Growing library of virtual games and team activities.

Games for 2-100 players.

Team reports on participation, usage, and breakdown





Integrated solution for building
remote culture and connections.


Full year license to heyLIME platform.

1 Event hosted by heyLIME.
See events

Account manager and quarterly engagement reports.

Invitations to exclusive heyLIME hosted events.





Plan a premium event custom
hosted to connect your team.


Curated event with one of
our partners. See events

Each credit can be used to attend events for 10-200.

All shipping, logistics, and cordination covered.

Team reports on turnout, participation, etc.

The heyLIME team was awesome and very helpful! I work for a company with six different locations and 250+ employees. I wanted to create a virtual game night where we could all have fun together from the safety of our own homes. I had no issues hosting multiple game nights for our staff, plus it was user friendly for employees with all different types of devices. We had a blast with Verboden! Lots of laughs and it turned out to be a great team builder!

Bryanna Gateley


heyLIME was a great way to interact remotely for a team event! Our team had fun and the host was super involved. Easy to navigate, FUN and cost effective!

Sarah Keller


I reached out to the team at heyLIME as I was looking for something to make the weekly work meetings a little bit more entertaining. The support team got back in touch with advice and even had one of the team stay up late so they could join our virtual work social in Australia. Since then, it’s our go to for team games!

Ashten Scully


Frequently Asked Questions

What Video Conference Tools Should I Use with heyLIME?

Any video conference tool will work. As long as you have the ability to share your screen. Read more

Can I Get a Host for My Events?

All Team Blender Events come with a host who knows how to take care of your team and provide a great team-building experience. Curated events are led by dedicated hosts so managers can relax and take part in the connection. Count on us to guide you through the experience for approximately 2 hours; afterwards you can end the event or continue using the heyLIME platform.

How do I start my heyLIME Free Trial?

You can follow this link to our Free Trial Sign-up Page
After signing up, you’ll be able to invite your team and get familiar with the platform using the on-board tutorial. You can always reach out to us directly if you need assistance. Schedule time for a Demo or with our Support Team and we’ll guide you through the heyLIME experience.

Is heyLIME Free?

heyLIME offeres a 7 day no-risk free trial for new teams. And there are paid options that fit your budget and team culture goals. We think of heyLIME as an invaluable tool for engaging and connecting with one another. Would it be worth the cost not to have your team connecting in a meaningful way? In this way, like all good investments, heyLIME is better than free – it creates more value than you pay. Get connecting today.

How Often Should I be Connecting with My Team?

It’s really up to your team and goals, but in general great managers should strive for a 15 minute check-in with their team once per week minimum. Adding something like heyLIME can layer an organic connection vehicle that will enable you to connect with your team in the waiting time between meetings or during dedicated sessions or team-building events. Schedule time to speak with a Culture Advisor to talk about your goals and how you can get the most out of your working style, team dynamics, and heyLIME.

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