New Year 2023 heyLIME Pilot

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New Year 2023 heyLIME Pilot

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What are your Team Building Goals?

heyLIME Pilot Program FAQ's

What should I expect from my team's heyLIME Pilot?

You will get full access to heyLIME’s engagement platform. Pilot participants should expect to connect more deeply with their teams during the pilot using heyLIME. Improve connection, reduce burn-out, and build a more collaborative remote team.

How often should I plan on using heyLIME with my team during the pilot?

Less than 1 hour per week is all you need to effectively engage your team through heyLIME. Beyond that, you can use it as much as you need.

At a minimum, you should plan to add a Squeeze to the beginning of at least 1 meeting per week. And you should have dedicated time to play a Slice together at least 1 time per month.


What are the requirements to be a Pilot Team?

Be invited to the Pilot Program.

Agree to play at least 1 squeeze per week and 1 Slice per month with your team.

Managers will meet their their heyLIME Team-Building Guide for 30 minutes 2 X per month to set goals and learn how to monitor and report their team engagement efforts.

Have fun, connect your team and let us know how the heyLIME team-building toolkit is working for you. You’ll be able to give honest feedback on in app surveys, email questionnaires, and Manager Team-Building Guide Meetings.

How much time would the heyLIME Pilot take per month?

1 hour per team member per month (including managers)

Plus 1 extra hour per month for managers

What benefits will my team get from the heyLIME Trial?
  • You’ll get guidance on how to regularly engage your remote team
  • Free consulting on how to keep energy up and burn-out down
  • Analytics and reporting on your team-building efforts
  • More focused and productive team meetings
  • More chances to connect with team members and develop professional friendships
  • Empowered management team with access to a tool-kit of activities they can do anytime

Don’t want to wait for the heyLIME Pilot?

Schedule a heyLIME walk-through and get your team connecting